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We believe that the mares are responsible by 55% of the final product. Not only in genetics, once is known that 3% to 5% of a specific type of DNA (mitochondrial DNA) is passed only by the maternal line, but also because the foal stay the first months of his life with his mother, and the mother will strongly influence the foals character, and we have an Ethological approach with our horses.

Our broodmares, besides their exceptional pedigrees also were selected by their good character, docility and courage in the presence of adverse situations.

All of them had been tested in show jumping - to permit us to correct their possible conformational and jumping technique deficits with an improver stallion.

90% of our broodmares fathers and fathers of the mothers are among the World TOP 5% Jumping Stallions of 2005 till 2010. Please go to the German FN-links: TOP 5% JUMPING STALLIONS from 2005 till 2014.

Click on the horse name to see pedigree, information and  breeding records.

08, Dark Brown, KWPN imported
Indorado X Heartbreaker - Darco
00, Brown, KWPN, Imported
Corland x Wellington - Zevenster
06, Tordilha, Oldemburg importada
Con Air X Cento - Contender
07, Grey, Oldenburg Imported
Coupe du Couer X Lando - Capitol
08 , Bay, BH
Orlando - Cor de la Bryere - Galoubet
10, Black, Oldenburg imported
Diarado x Cordalmé x Darco
95, Bay, Hannoverian
Ritual X Almé Z - Fuerst Ferdinand

05, Chestnut, Oldemburg imported
Argentinus X Landfriese - Contender
09, Dark Brown, KWPN
Kannan x Ahorn x Lord Calando
06, Bay, Holsteiner Imported
Landos X Cor de la Bryére -Calimero
03, Grey, Holsteiner
Quinar Z X Corofino - Landgraf I


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